How to get started with the EleFant Toy Library

Choose your preferred membership plan.
Select toys or books to order from our vast collection.
Receive a delightful box of toys delivered to your doorstep!
Discover, play, return, and repeat the EleFant Way!

How does EleFant work?

Step 1: Choose Your Membership
Select the toy membership plan that suits you best, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or annually. Our flexible plans ensure you have the right toys for your child's development at all times.
Step 2: Browse and rent
Explore our magical toy collection with toys carefully curated for children of all ages. Use our user-friendly app to browse, search, and select the perfect toys that spark your child's curiosity and creativity.
Step 3: Return & Repeat
Let your child explore and play with the toys to their heart's content. When it's time for new adventures, simply return the toys and receive another exciting box to continue the fun! With EleFant, the possibilities for playful learning are endless.

Add joy to the cart

Select toys which interest your kid the most, add them to the cart, and get a box of joy delivered based on your choice of membership.


How can you join as a toy librarian?

Can you manage and operate a toy library at home? Then fill out the form and start earning.

What do you “GET” as an EleFant Librarian

Flexibility to work from home.
Minimum guaranteed monthly returns.
Sales & logistics will be handled by the company.
Comprehensive training and support.

What do you “DO” as an EleFant Librarian

Set up a dedicated space for your toy library.
Commit less than 2 hours a day to manage the library.
Ensure toy quality and cleanliness.
Fulfill orders and promote the library.


1. How does the EleFant model work?

Our model works on a membership basis. Parents choose a membership plan that fits their needs and preferences, and then they can select toys from our wide-ranging toy library. Once done, the toys are delivered to their doorstep. After the rental period, the toys are returned and the cycle continues.

2. How does the EleFant membership work?

Once you a member to EleFant, you can choose from our vast collection of toys and books. These items will be delivered to your doorstep. After your child has enjoyed the items, you can return it and choose something new!

3. How can I place an online order?

Ordering with us is a breeze. Simply download our app, choose the toys you desire, and rent them. Our trusted delivery partners will promptly deliver the toy box to your doorstep.

4. What If I don't like a toy I've rented?

No worries at all! If, for any reason, you're not happy with a particular toy, you can easily return it and select another. We're here to provide you with toys that bring you joy.

5. How often can I change the toys?

The frequency of toy exchange depends on the membership plan chosen by the customer. Please refer to our toy membership plans for more information.

6. How do I return the toys and books?

EleFant offers a seamless return process. You can schedule a pickup through our platform, and our representative will come and collect the items from your doorstep.

7. What if a toy or book gets damaged during my membership period?

No stress at all! We understand that little accidents can occur. If a toy or book faces any damage while in your care, just give us a heads up. Always remember, we've got your back — all damages are on us. Just enjoy the journey of exploration with your child and EleFant. (T&Cs apply, but we promise they're fair!)

8. What happens if I wish to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime. Depending on the terms of your membership, certain conditions or charges might apply. Please refer to our terms of service or contact customer support for specifics.